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The Better Way is Online

Casinos were once the playgrounds of intoxicated honeymooners in Las Vegas or the super rich with more money than sense. But if a vast, windowless aircraft hangar filled with free drinks, cigar smoke and flashing lights doesn't sound like your cup of tea, then there is another way.

The wonders of the Internet has given us (among other things) the ability to play roulette at home in our pants, blackjack on the bus and slots on the sofa, all through the invention of the virtual casino.

The online casino has grown rapidly in popularity since the early days of the Internet and now you would struggle to avoid these palaces of opportunity whenever you venture online. It began with a couple of hundred virtual casinos with crude versions of popular games and dodgy web design, but today there are thousands of virtual casinos boasting hundreds of games.

Virtual casinos are popular among the general population for a number of reasons but one of the main explanations for their rise in prominence is just how easy they are to use.

Within five minutes you could be watching the roulette wheel spin as you dunk a biscuit in your cup of tea, or doing the ironing as you try your luck on the one-armed bandit. You can spend the whole day in a virtual casino, make yourself a sandwich when you get hungry, enjoy a constant supply of tea and coffee and even keep an eye on your favourite TV shows, all from the comfort of your own home.

Developments in the tech industry now mean you can enjoy virtual casinos on the go, as smartphones become the must-have gadget. Mobile phones and tablets now mean you can visit the casino whenever and wherever you are in the world, so your favourite game is never far away.

The demand for these types of gadget shows no sign of abating, which means the popularity for virtual casinos is surely going to continue its ascent.

The majority of games are Flash based meaning there's no lengthy download times or detailed system requirements, you can play straight away! Whether you are an Apple Mac user or a Windows user, you can play all your favourite casino games at the click of a mouse, whatever the operating system.

The games are now extremely high quality and graphically nice to look at and play, with plenty of instructions on how to give it a go whether you are a seasoned gamer or a first timer.

You can play a game for free at first to see whether you like it and then decide whether to put some real money on it or look at one of the other games available. Most of these online casinos now have brilliant customer service too, with employees available to chat live. They also have extensive security so there is no reason to worry about your card details or account being hacked.

Furthermore, many online casinos now have forums where you can chat with likeminded gamers about the latest games, hints and tips or even just the soaps or football; whatever you fancy there is a real community feeling to a lot of these virtual casinos.

The virtual casino has seen a swift rise to the top of the British public's consciousness with millions now enjoying the freedom and fun afforded by these online havens - they are casinos not for high rollers but for those who like a flutter and enjoy the thrill of gaming. And who knows, if you're lucky you might even win the jackpot!

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